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Usibelli vineyards is a producing commercial vineyard that has been owned and operated by the Usibelli family since the 1950's when Emil Usibelli purchased the 2080 acres of land. Currently Joe Usibelli Jr., 3rd generation President, is responsible for the vineyard operation, with the 4th generation not far behind.

Usibelli credits it's success, in large part, to having Carlos Renteria as vineyard manager for over 40 years. Carlos is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced vineyard managers in the Napa area. Carlos is generous with his time and is frequently asked to give advice or share his experience with others in the business, which he is always willing to do without charge.

Having farmed approximately 60 acres for many years, Usibelli recognized the opportunity to expand it's growing capability as it received positive response from the wineries to which it sold. After an indepth look at it's resources, such as location, quality of ground, water and management expertise, Usibelli decided to expand it's operation. Currently farming 213 acres of vineyards in the Pope Valley, Usibelli is continuing to expand with a plan for an additional 300 acres.

Usibelli, after consultation with wine market experts, is very bullish on the future of the wine industry and hopes to play a part in that very bright future.


Development of Usibelli Vineyard ocurred from 200-2005. Click on the map below to view the development phases and the acreage of each.


Click the image to the left to learn more through our interactive land use map.

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